• Shape Shifter Lab (map)
  • 18 Whitwell Place
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11215
  • United States

Featuring Frank “Kuumba” Lacy, Jair-Rohm Wells & Ronnie Burrage


Ronnie Burrage - drums, cymbals and electronics
Frank Lacy - trombone, flumpet and electronics
Jair-Rohm Parker Wells - NSD basses and electronics
#black is all about fulfilling Miles Davis’ prediction that the next 
evolution in Jazz improvisation will be “…patches on synthesizers…p
https://youtu.be/6XnLblYNfIg?t=1797 laying on sounds
https://youtu.be/6XnLblYNfIg?t=1797 …”. Drawing heavily on the Jazz 
tradition and experimental modular synthesis techniques, #black breaks 
previously uncharted sonic and expressive ground.