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Chanda & Ronnie Burrage

RoBurrage Productions / World Rhythm Academy
RoBu Big Band / Band Burrage / Burrage Group / World Rhythm Cafe

World Rhythm Academy (WRA) offers comprehensive arts and educational programs. WRA proudly gives life-changing experiences to impoverished youth. The organization provides a variety of programs designed to instruct and encourage students through innovative and alternative educational experiences. The courses focus on arts-based curriculum, which include music (performance, recording, composition), dance, literature, theater, poetry, and film and video media. The program also incorporates vocational training such as construction, computer coding, technology, health and environmental science, civics, and graphic arts.

World Rhythm Café operates to provide financial support for the academy with secure venue spaces for visiting artists, lecturers, instructors and students to rehearse and perform. As everyone loves good food our café serves up home-style meals (International Soul Food) to our patrons to be enjoyed while partaking in our offerings of theater, concerts and other forms of live entertainment. 

RoBurrage Productions - With the motto:­ One Love, One People, TONS of SOUL -­ RoBurrage Productions is dedicated to bridging gaps in the name of unity, peace and love by providing soulfully creative, educational, fun and informative events, forums and fellowship occasions. We believe ‘breaking bread’ together, dancing and providing environments to address critical issues in a nonthreatening manner is key to promoting a better way of life for all participants.